A healthy body holds a Healthy Soul & mind!

8 health benefits of sex, amazing!


  Sex is done by two party the male and female, and sex makes you feel so good.And it can be also good for you.

 What sex can do for you?

1. Can ease stress
            sex can boost your self-steam and happiness,touching together with hugging makes your body release natural "feel-good hormone.It is not just a prescription for a healthy life but a happy one.

2. Can improve your sleep
           after your first orgasm, the hormone prolactin is released by the body,which is very resposible
for the feeling of relaxation and sleepiness after sex.

3. Less prone to prostate cancer
            if you are always doing sex with your partner the many you ejaculate,this means that every time you ejaculate the new sperm cell takes place to replace the first one. No sperm cell stay longer in your body that cause infection when spoil.
 4. less prone to heart attack.
            sex is good for your heart,a great ways to raise your heart rate.A heart exercise.
 5. lower blood pressure
             study found that sexual intercourse specifically lowered systolic blood pressure.
 6. Boost your immune system
             study found that people who had sex once or twice a week had a higher levels of what we call antibody compared to people who had sex less often.
7.  Boost your libido

 8. improveswomen bladder control/.

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